Children are often running about somewhere with their friends or siblings or playing energetic sports and games. It is no surprise that we come across a pair of glasses at the bottom of a bag or covered in scratches and dirt. Occasionally this leads to broken or damaged spectacles.

Whilst accidents happen, replacing your child’s glasses every few months is not ideal. Here are our top tips for taking care of your child’s specs and preventing damage.

Clean them regularly – This is the most simples part of taking care of glasses and something you can teach your child to do. Dirty and smudged lenses can prevent your child from being able to see properly. Get your child to clean their glasses when they take them off at night before they go to bed and turn it into a habit like brushing their teeth.

Keep them in the case – When you aren’t wearing your glasses is when they can incur the most damage. The best way to protect your glasses when you aren’t using them is to put them back in the case they came in. This protects them from any potential scratches or breakages.

Take them off with two hands – It is important to take your glasses off correctly with two hands. By using one hand, the sides become stretched and the hinges loosen which leads to broken and damaged glasses.

Remove them for physical activities – If your child doesn’t need to wear their glasses outside, we would advise removing their glasses before playing or engaging in sport to prevent any damage. If they do need to wear them, the lenses can be made with an anti-scratch coating or you could invest in specialised prescription sports goggles.

Always have a spare pair – It’s a good idea to have a spare pair of glasses for adults and children. If your child relies heavily on their glasses or has a high prescription, it is worth investing in a second pair of glasses.

If your child’s glasses do break, we wouldn’t advise fixing them with glue as this could damage the lenses and make it difficult for us to repair with the correct parts. If you do need any repairs or adjustments making to the glasses contact us to arrange an appointment and we can do this for you.

If your child is due an eye examination, or has been struggling with their vision contact your local Bush Opticians today to book their appointment. Children under 16 are entitled to an eye examination on the NHS.

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