The retina is the only part of the body where blood vessels can be seen directly. Early signs of eye conditions and other diseases can show on your retina before you notice any changes to your vision or feel any pain. 

Evaluating your eye health is an important part of your eye examination as well as evaluating any changes in prescription, and a thorough screening of the retina is a vital part of this. Using Optomap technology as part of your eye examination provides our optometrists with an ultra-widefield image of the retina.

Retinal imaging using the Optomap is comfortable, painless and fast, with no part of the equipment touching your eye at all. The image is captured in less than half a second and are available to view immediately. Traditional retinal imaging only captures 10-100° of the retina in a single image, with Optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging it is possible to capture 200° of the retina. Unlike other devices, Optomap uses low powered laser wavelengths that scan simultaneously instead of using full spectrum white light. This allows the optometrist to review the retinal substructures in their individual layers.

  • retinal image of macular degeneration
    Age-related Macular Degeneration

There are many benefits to including retinal imaging at an eye examination. Retinal imaging facilitates the early detection of common eye conditions more effectively and efficiently than with a traditional eye examination. Early detection means that treatment can be administered as quickly as possible and reduce the risk of sight loss.

Please note Optomap is only available at our Hessle practice.