A couple of years ago the DVLA launched a campaign to encourage drivers to take the number plate test to check that they reach the minimum vision requirements for driving. The test is simple, you must be able to read a car number plate from 20 metres away.

Whilst the number plate test is a quick way of checking your vision, it isn’t a replacement for a regular eye examination which drivers should be attending at least every 2 years. At your eye examination our optometrists will check your prescription and assess the health of your eyes using our high-tech equipment. Our machines will take in-depth images and scans of the back of the eye highlighting any eye conditions if present. There are several eye conditions that can affect your vision, particularly your peripheral vision which the DVLA will need to be notified about should this severely impact your vision.

Our optometrists will advise whether an update in spectacles or contact lenses is required for driving to meet the vision requirements. When choosing your new glasses for driving it is recommended to have an anti-reflection coating on the lenses, this will help to reduce glare from road surfaces and car headlights when driving at night or in poor weather conditions. Sunglasses are also recommended to help make driving more comfortable in sunny weather, and polarised sunglasses lenses are perfect for reducing glare from the sun. If you wear contact lenses when driving we would recommend keeping a pair of glasses with you or in the car just in case you need to remove your lenses at any point and having a pair of sunglasses for those sunny days.

There are other ways you can ensure your vision is clear when driving is to make sure your windscreen is clean inside and out as this will help to reduce any glare from the sun and car headlights, make sure your car headlights are fully working and turn down any lights inside the car that may reduce your visibility when driving at night.

If you drive regularly and your eye exam was more than 2 years ago, we advise that you book an eye examination as soon as possible.

Contact your local Bush practice to book your eye exam or speak to a member of our team about new glasses or driving vision.

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