Lockdown has been a very strange experience, as I imagine many of you will agree. If there was one nice thing about it, it was the weather. We have been incredibly fortunate to have had so many sunny days, meaning more time outdoors with family.

A staple for such good weather along with sun cream must be a good pair of sunglasses. Not only do they provide you with protection from UV and make your vision more comfortable, but they are also a great fashion accessory. There are some great eye wear trends coming through for 2020 and sunglasses are no different.

The Bigger The Better

Oversized, exaggerated sunglasses are a favourite, with traditional shapes being vamped up and shield shades coming through to be worn daily and not just on the slopes. This is a style that is becoming increasingly popular and has been seen on the runway many times.

Odd is Cool

Sunglasses aren’t just round or rectangular anymore, there are so many different shapes available. Why not make a statement with something different and daring, they’re not your everyday pair so choose something a little more unusual than your normal pair.

Vintage is Back

Vintage style frames never really went away, although are becoming much more popular with the millennial and Gen Z era. Their timeless and iconic styles are appealing to the audience, with small round frames and aviator styles being the top choices.

Crystal Clear

Crystal frames are proving to be really popular and have stuck around for the last couple of years. Whether you want a completely clear pair or something colourful, there are plenty of options available. This style of frame gives off a sleek and classy look and can be paired with anything.

Many sunglasses are timeless pieces, staying current and on trend for many years so whatever you choose will remain a stylish accessory.

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