Plastic free July is a global movement to encourage people to be a part of the solution to plastic pollution and help create a cleaner environment for us to live in.

The idea of plastic free July is to reduce how much single-use plastic is used every day at home, at work, in school and local businesses. These steps can be as simple as using a reusable items such as coffee cups, vegetable bags, straws and more! There are so many re-usable alternatives available that can help to reduce the amount of plastic waste that is produced daily around the world.

Image of reusable coffee cup and wooden spoon.

Sadly, many plastic items can be found littering our environment. This waste not only looks unsightly, but it stays in our environment for years and is taking the lives of animals. Animals are getting caught up in waste such as fishing nets and plastic pack rings or eating plastic they find in their environment.

Whilst there are many ways you can help reduce waste at home and live more sustainably, you can also choose to do so with your eye wear.

Eco eye wear are a fantastic range of frames in a variety of styles and colours that are created using a combination of bio-based material made from castor seeds and recycled metal. All of their packaging is made using recycled material and for every frame purchased Eco plants a tree. These frames are not only environmentally friend in the way that they are created but also give back to the environment!

Our plastic free mission does not end with sustainable eye wear. We are also a drop off location for contact lens waste, which is then sent to Terracycle to be recycled.

It is surprising how much plastic waste can be generated from tiny contact lenses. Since the start of the scheme Terracycle have collected over 3 million pieces of contact lens waste from over 1000 participating locations. Save up your soft contact lenses, blister packets and foil lids and bring them in to us. We will then send off the waste to Terracyle, who will split it, clean it and recycle it. Some of the waste collect has been turned into benches, picnic tables and flower pots!

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