Here at our Holderness Road practice, we have introduced a new brand – Woodys Barcelona, a Spanish eyewear brand that create exciting and colourful eyewear.

Woodys was born in 2013, when CEO Joseph Dosta was desperate to find a pair of glasses that wouldn’t sink to the bottom of the pond when taking part in his favourite water sports. After many trials, he discovered the answer was on the sheets of the wake board, Woodys was born with the first glasses being made from recycled skateboards.

Each piece is made by a process with more than 100 steps tarting with choosing the acetates made from natural cellulose, wood pulp and cotton fibre. Every frame rests for 2 weeks in an oven, a technique imported from Japan, to give them greater strength and flexibility.

Sustainability is a huge part of Woodys ethos, and they are ‘committed to finding the smartest and most sustainable solution to result in products that are as respectful as possible of our planet.’ The brand is constantly researching and implementing new processes and raw materials, creating environmentally friendly glasses and recyclable packaging.

On their website you can see the projects they have set themselves for 2022 and 2023, showcasing how they intend to improve the brand and become more sustainable by increasing the use of their bioacetate and recyclable packaging.

Woodys are fun, interesting, and unique, and are loved by many famous faces such as Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon and many more.

Why not pop into our Holderness Road branch and browse our fantastic selection of Woodys Barcelona eyewear.

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