At our Holderness Road practice, we have recently introduced some fantastic new brands such as Hackett, United Colours of Benetton, and Joules!

Joules is an incredibly popular British clothing brand which started in Leicester at a country show in 1989. The company started out by taking functional, traditional British clothing and reinventing them by adding twists of colour and print.

Very quickly people began to discover a brand that was not only high quality but had that stylish edge. The growing demand for the products saw Tom Joule, owner of Joules put in a large order for new products, however in 2001 the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease saw every rural show and event cancelled leaving them with stock and nowhere to sell it. Tom and his team loaded the items into their cars driving around Britain persuading clothes shops to buy and sell their items. This was much more successful than they though it would be and not long after a store was opened and their website was launched.

Soon more shops appeared in the country and along the coast while the wholesale side of the business also started to grow with the likes of John Lewis and Harrods keen to stock their products.

In 2014 Joules eyewear launched, adding to their ever-growing collection of clothing and footwear. They are still ‘dotty about detail and as passionate about prints’ as they were back in 1985. The eyewear collection features bold, bright colours and original joules prints, and the signature Joules hare can be found on the end tips and nose pads. The women’s frames offer petite sizes that fit perfectly and offer eyewear that stands out from the crowd.

Why not pop in and browse our collection of Joules eyewear and find the perfect pair for you!

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