The new year is often a time where people start new habits, whether its eating a balanced diet, exercising more, or setting up a daily routine. Alongside being beneficial to your overall health, these healthy habits can also boost and promote eye health.

Eyecare Routine

Just like with skincare it is important to establish an eyecare routine, a proper cleansing routine can help improve dry eye symptoms. Cleaning the eyelids daily ensures that the oil glands in the eyelids remain clear, preventing the eyelids from becoming blocked with dirt and debris which causes Blepharitis.

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet it advised to keep us healthy and provide our body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly, including our eyes. Food such as kale contains antioxidants that can help prevent eye conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Similarly other fruits, vegetables, nuts and oily fish contain nutrients that promote healthy eyes.


Exercise is encouraged as part of a healthy lifestyle for many reasons, including maintaining a healthy weight and organ function. Exercise is also important for your eye health. Aerobic exercise can help increase your oxygen supply to the optic nerve and lower any pressure that builds up in the eyes helping to reduce the risk of developing eye conditions such as glaucoma.

Whilst these are the things you can do for your eye health daily, at home it is always important to remember to attend your regular eye examinations. Your Optometrist will assess the health of your eyes as well as updating your prescription.

If your last eye examination was over 2 years ago, why not start the new year by booking your eye exam today.

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