Have you thought about updating your glasses for 2021?

With the events from the last year, we all need something to cheer ourselves up, and what better way to start than updating your glasses with a new style.

There are some great eyewear trends for 2021 that are perfect for adding a little flair to your style, and we have selected our top 4.

Cat Eye

Cat eye spectacles have been a popular choice for a long time! They are a trend that will add a little Breakfast at Tiffany’s flair to your style. This year, they have had an update with narrower lenses creating a more dynamic and angular statement. One brand that does the cat eye spectacles exceptionally well is sustainable eyewear brand Eco. Their cat eye designs are coupled with another top trend, transparent eyewear to produce a statement pair of glasses.

Eco eyewear - cat eye glasses and sunclip


It is not surprising that aviator glasses and sunglasses are a trend for 2021. Ever since they have been introduced, they have been an iconic classic that never seems to age. Whilst the sunglasses have been incredibly popular for many years, the aviator is now becoming a popular choice for spectacles, adding a retro vibe to your style.

Thin Rim

Thin rim glasses have become popular over the last couple of years, especially with the younger generation. Many thin rim glasses come in a variety of shapes, styles and colours and make a sophisticated and elegant statement.

Lindberg - titanium thin rim glasses


Making a comeback bigger than before are the round glasses and sunglasses. If you are looking for a retro piece to complete your style, these are for you! This year the 80’s and 90’s style metal frames are getting a lot of attention. Whether you’re after a classic look of a metal frame, or more of a statement, colourful piece the round glasses are a top style to choose.

Whether you are looking for something elegant and sophisticated or a statement piece, we have plenty of styles of glasses and sunglasses to choose from to keep you on trend for the year ahead.

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